Bad Breath Symptoms


Halitosis is definitely one of the most embarrassing conditions to have to deal with. This is especially true when you have to be in other people's face on a daily basis. Nobody wants to talk to someone whose breath smells like something crawled in it and died. This is why eliminating bad breath is one of the most important things anyone can learn how to do if they suffer from it.

According to Finally Get Rid of Bad Breath, "when it comes to bad breath treatment you want to begin with simple yet effective dental hygiene practices. Things like brushing your teeth, scraping your tongue with a good tongue scraper, and rinsing your mouth out with mouthwash on a daily basis can make a big difference". 

Along with improving your dental hygiene practices you also want to do things that kills the anaerobic bacteria. The anaerobic bacteria is the bacteria in your mouth causing your bad breath problems. Once this bacteria grows out of control simple things like brushing your teeth and scraping your tongue won't help you stop the foul odor.

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath Permanently

To get rid of bad breath permanently you have to kill the anaerobic bacteria and keep it from growing out of control. Below you'll find a few effective remedies known to kill this bacteria and help your mouth begin smelling a little fresher.


Garlic is one of the best natural remedies for bad breath because it contains powerful antibacterial properties that helps fight off the odor causing bacteria in your mouth. To use this remedy you'll need to crush a few raw garlic cloves and then chew on them slowly before swallowing. 

The garlic will release certain antibacterial compounds in your mouth that will go to work eliminating the odor causing bacteria. The garlic can burn if you chew it too quickly so take your time when you begin eating it. Also, if you don't like the taste of garlic you can try taking some garlic supplements instead that should do the trick.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is well known for fighting off bacterial infections. It works by introducing oxygen into your mouth which creates an environment in your mouth where the odor causing bacteria can't survive in. You want to add a cupful of the hydrogen peroxide into your mouth and swish it around in your mouth for at least a minute before spitting it out into the toilet or the trash. 

Don't spit it out into the sink because it might clog it up. You'll known the hydrogen peroxide is going to work when you see it begin to foam up inside your mouth. This means it's oxygenizing your mouth so the bacteria causing your bad breath can't survive.